Velocity Partners and the Transformation of Peticures Grooming


When Peticure Grooming, a growing chain of boutique pet stores, approached Velocity Partners, they were looking for a strategic partner who could help them accelerate their growth. They wanted to build their brand, expand store locations, deal with a major big box store chain, create an online training platform for pet groomers, and launch a listing platform for the pet industry. Velocity Partners embraced this challenge, leveraging our extensive expertise to help Peticures exceed their goals.


The main objective was to build on Peticures's existing success and reputation, expand their reach, and establish them as a dominant force in the pet industry. The project had three major areas of focus:

  1. Expansion of its physical store locations and brokering a strategic alliance with a major big box store chain.
  2. Creation of an online training platform for pet groomers.
  3. Development and launch of an industry-specific listing platform.

Strategy and Implementation

Store Expansion & Strategic Alliance

Velocity Partners conducted a comprehensive market analysis to identify the most lucrative locations for the expansion. We also performed a competitive analysis to understand how Peticures could differentiate itself in new markets. Armed with this information, we formulated a strategic expansion plan and facilitated its execution.

Simultaneously, we approached a big box store chain and initiated strategic partnership talks. Understanding the mutual benefits this alliance could bring, we managed to broker a deal that enabled Peticures to open smaller, boutique-style stores within the larger stores of the big box chain, effectively expanding their footprint without the significant costs of stand-alone stores.

Online Training Platform

Velocity Partners tapped into its network of leading e-learning platform developers to build a comprehensive and user-friendly online training platform for pet groomers. Our team of consultants worked alongside experts in pet grooming to create engaging and educational content that covered all aspects of the profession, from hygiene to styling techniques, ensuring that users received a well-rounded education.

Listing Platform Development & Launch

The development of a pet industry-specific listing platform was the final piece of the puzzle. We enlisted top-notch web developers and designers to create a platform that was both visually pleasing and user-friendly. The platform allowed pet-related businesses to list their services, and customers to find the best services for their needs. The platform was promoted through Peticures' existing channels and social media platforms to ensure its successful launch.


The transformation was remarkable. The store expansion and big box partnership led to an impressive increase in physical footprint and customer base. The partnership with the big box store chain alone resulted in a 45% increase in foot traffic and a comparable increase in sales.

The online training platform became an industry standard, attracting pet groomers from across the country. It was monetized via subscription fees, creating a new revenue stream for Peticures and positioning them as leaders in pet grooming education.

Lastly, the listing platform quickly gained popularity. Within the first six months of launch, it attracted more than 5,000 listings and garnered substantial traffic. It also opened up new avenues for advertising revenue, and provided a valuable resource for pet owners.


Velocity Partners' strategic and holistic approach helped Peticures navigate the challenges of expansion and brand development. We were able to create synergies across different elements of their business and drive substantial growth. Through our innovative solutions, Peticures became a more dominant and diversified player in the pet industry. We take pride in being a part of their success story, and look forward to helping more companies accelerate their growth.